Dean’s Messsage

Senior Professor P.Mangala C.S. De Silva
B.Sc. Honors (Ruhuna, SL), M.Phil (Bergen,Norway), PhD (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Post Doctoral Fellow ( Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)

Dean’s Messsage

The Faculty of Graduate studies is committed to produce high caliber academics, researchers and managers with postgraduate qualifications in diverse fields, addressing evolving needs of the society. The faculty was initiated in 2011, giving a prime responsibility to get all the postgraduate programs of the University of Ruhuna under one umbrella, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, assuring the same high standards in all the postgraduate programs. Accordingly, the Faculty of Graduate studies administer postgraduate studies under all the disciplines whilst the other nine faculties of University of Ruhuna, conduct undergraduate programs under nine major disciplines. The Faculty of Graduate Studies presently offers a series of Master degree programs in addition to MPhil & PhD degrees which are full time research degree programs, covering almost all the demanding disciplines. All those programs are aligned with Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) and the subject benchmarks of University Grant Commission in Sri Lanka.

As a faculty of a state University, we are deeply committed to broaden the participation in postgraduate education while not being a burden to the treasury and, at the same time, not earning profits. Under that policy we accept the strategy of subsidizing postgraduate programs with a low market, but with a high demand, as a national service to prepare high caliber careers essential for the development of important sectors of the country.

As the Dean of the Faculty, I hope that the graduates who are looking for postgraduate opportunities and candidates who are already enrolled with postgraduate studies here in University of Ruhuna, will make the most of opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Best wishes,

Snr. Prof.P.Mangala C.S. De Silva
Faculty of Graduate Studies
University of Ruhuna