Master of Sociology

Master of Sociology

Course Introduction

The Programme of study leading to the Master of Sociology Degree shall be a full-time course, consisting of two academic semesters organized over one academic year. This is an advanced degree designed to help students strengthen their subject knowledge and skills related to sociological theories and practices.

With the establishment of the Post Graduate Field in the year 2011, all the activities from the registration of the Postgraduate Examiners for the above course to the awarding of the relevant degree will be done in accordance with the relevant regulations by Department of Sociology, University of Ruhuna.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Should have a degree in Sociology from a recognized University including 30 credits

  • Should have at least 30 credits of experience or complementary studies in the field of Sociology with a degree from a recognized University (should be acceptable to the Senate of the University of Ruhuna)
  • Should have another qualification which is equivalent to the above 1 or 2 and is acceptable to the Senate of the University of Ruhuna
  • Complete NVQ 7 with knowledge of the field of Sociology as acceptable to the Senate of the University of Ruhuna

Student Handbook