Master of Economics (MAE)

Master of Economics (MAE)

Course Introduction

In order to attain the development of a country in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, economic growth and economic development plays a vital role.

Henceforth, the curriculum aims to develop the ability to apply theoretical economics knowledge and analytical skills to tackle complex decisions, deal with unknown changes in today’s globalize world, solve economics problem and a guidance to effective policy implications.

Mater of Arts Degree in Economics is a one-year degree program which provides opportunities for students to obtain a comprehensive knowledge in the relevant field of study, allowing to develop critical thinking and analytical skills required to be a talented and innovative employee.

This program will provide you with a strong foundation to progress either to PhD-level study or to employment opportunities in your chosen career path.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university including 30 credits in the relevant field.
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with an experience in the relevant field as acceptable to the Senate.
  • Completion of NVQ -Level 7 with experience or qualification in the relevant field as acceptable to the Senate.
  • Following professional qualifications and at least one year work experience related to economics as acceptable to the Senate.
    1. CIMA qualified
    2. HNDA (04 years)
    3. HNDC (04 years)
    4. ACCA qualified
    5. CMAqualified at the highest level
  • Any otherqualification acceptable to the Senate. (Depending on the Senate recommendation applicant may have to sit for a qualifying examination conducted by the Examination branch of the University and get a “pass” grade).

Student Handbook