Board of Studies

Board of Study - Faculty of Engineering

The current members of the Board of Studies are

Dr. K. S. Wanniarachchi Chairperson / Board of Study in Engineering
Dr. W.K.C.N. Dayanthi Head / Dept . of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. N. K. Hettiarachchi Head / Dept . of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Dr. H. C. P. Karunasena Faculty Board Nominee
Dr. C. K. W. Seneviratne Faculty Board Nominee
Dr. G. G. T. Chaminda Coordinator , MEng / MSc Program , DCEE ( 4th Batch )
Dr. G. H.M.J. Subashi Coordinator , MEng / MSc Program , DCEE [ 2 & 3 Batches )
Mr. E. H. Jayathunga Head / Dept . of Electrical and Information Engineering
Ms. N. M. Wagarachchi Head / Dept . of Interdisciplinary Studies